Deep Blue -  At A Glance

  • Corporation established March 2015

  • IP – licensed from Duke and NCSU, multiple filings in 3 patent areas

  • Grants/Awards: $2M (MedBlue, DTRI, NCBiotech TEG, NIH STTR Phase I, NCBiotech SRL, DIHI Jam).  Deep Blue's work is supported by an NIH STTR Phase I Grant, NC Biotech SRL award, NIH SBIR Phase II Grant

  • Private financing closed in 2018

  • Hernia Repair Market: The hernia device market is ~$1.1B globally annually, including $700M of ventral hernia mesh sold, 1.4 million surgeries, and 1M mesh units implanted

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Our Team

Dr. Howard Levinson: Inventor/Founder, Chief Medical Officer, Director

Dr. Levinson serves as the Director of Plastic Surgery Research, Associate Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery / Division of Surgical Sciences / Pathology / Dermatology at Duke University. He is also a speaker and clinical author.

Bill Perry: CEO, Director

Mr. Perry brings 25 years of experience in medical device start-ups including having contributed to multiple exits, venture financings, an IPO, 16+ medical product introductions, and 20+ business development deals.

Lou Fuqua: VP of Operations & Quality

Mr. Fuqua has 25 years of experience in medical device development and manufacturing for start-ups, and a track record of success in RA/QA, regulatory filings and Clearances / approvals, and Quality Systems QSR / ISO 13485 / CMDR Implementation. 

David Ruppert, Ph.D.: Director of Research & Development

Dr. Ruppert, with over 20 years of product development, brings vast technical experience in mechanical and biomedical engineering to translate ideas into finished products through computer simulation, experimental methods, material characterization, and product testing.

Ken Gall, Ph.D.: Inventor/Founder, CTO, Director

Dr. Gall co-invented Deep Blue's anchor clip. He is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science in the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University, as well as a Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Associate Director in the Pratt School of Engineering, MEDx Initiative. Ken has contributed to several start-ups and exits.

Dr. Robert Isaacs: Director

Dr. Isaacs is a spinal neurosurgeon at Duke Raleigh and Duke Regional hospitals and has been in practice for over 20 years. He is a serial entrepreneur and has contributed to multiple start-ups and exits.

Robert Bonczek, MBA, JD: Director

Mr. Bonczek serves as President and CFO of MedBlue, a Duke university-focused incubator.

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Deep Blue Medical Advances, Inc.

  Durham, NC and San Jose, CA